Not just a prize but also a cultural exchange of people who all over the world share a passion for writing.

Alessio Follieri president of Aster Academy International, creator and president of the World Golden Literary Prize “Golden Aster Book”, congratulates all the members of the prize from all over the world. Also for this edition the award was a successful participation and as recalled by the president of the Aster Academy, “It is not easy to evaluate the works and the judgment of a prize is only the judgment of satisfaction of a small group of people and this I say to respect all the authors who participated with their works. It is natural that a prize constitutes a circumstance in which having to make an evaluation that still remains relative to the value of a literary work, so my thanks go to all the authors who participated and who bring their personal experience in a collector international which has become our literary prize “.

An award that is confirmed from the first edition an important reference point for authors registered by more than 20 different nationalities. Each edition culminates with a final ceremony that will be held on Saturday 25th January at the Cittadella della Musica in Civitavecchia (Rm) for this edition. Only in the final evening the rankings and the absolute winners will be announced and afterwards the announcement for the 2020 edition will be immediately opened, which as anticipated by Alessio Follieri there will perhaps be some news “For 2020 there is the intention to expand the jury of award involving many writers from all over the world who obviously do not participate in the current edition, to evaluate the works entered. This also to ensure a judgment on the widest possible works, we are only evaluating the feasibility also at a practical level, but it would be an excellent initiative “.

The goal of the Golden Aster Book is also to create a possibility of cultural interaction between the many writers who belong to different nationalities and cultures, Follieri the president of the award has expressed the intention to create cultural meetings for writers in future editions participants “There is a project in the drawer that is to create an event around the Golden Aster Book to create opportunities for cultural interchange among all participating writers, it is especially important in this historical period to establish a sharing and cultural sharing in order to do so that the literary prize also becomes a meeting platform that knows how to go beyond the prize itself and that constitutes a meeting point for the different cultures in the world ”.

Editorial Aster Academy International