The Covid emergency in the first six months of 2020 blocked the smooth running of the event.

Also this year, the “Golden Aster Book” world literary prize welcomes a consistent and important participation of registered authors from all over the world. Although there was a sudden increase in registrations during the months of June and July, in the first months of the year, from the opening of the call in February 2020 there was a block due to the rapid expansion of the Covid 19 epidemic. Emergency that logically blocked the request for registrations but also the normal development of the activities of the Aster Academy to organize the jury and the event which is usually scheduled in October of each year. The activities regularly started in July, but unfortunately the emergency has not yet been overcome and in addition to the organizational delay there is also an essential problem linked to the possibility of free travel between different nations that would prohibit the presence of authors in other parts. of the world. To this would be added a limitation on the participation of the final event and its correct organization which would fall in October at an extremely uncertain time for the Covid situation. Faced with these problems and also in the need to give the jury a fair space to evaluate the numerous works in competition, the president of the Aster Academy International, Alessio Follieri (in the photo) with the Board of Directors, have decided to extend the deadline of the call on 30 November 2020 and prepare the organization of the final evening of the event in January February 2021 hoping and hoping that the emergency of the pandemic has faded all over the world with the possibility of organizing public events in the normal course.

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