Message from the International President of the Aster Academy International

We arrived at the end of this 2019, the first 5 years of activity of the Aster Academy expire next year with the first vote of the presidency and the board of directors.

In recent years many activities and initiatives have been carried out, from top-level cultural events to social and humanitarian initiatives. We managed to achieve important goals thanks to the cooperation, support and assistance of all those associates who proudly participated in the creation of our Association.

It is true that it has not always been easy, much less simple. Cooperation and collaboration is often difficult and there are many obstacles to overcome in order to achieve goals. The difficulties are a constant both for the realization of what we intend to do and for the context of contemporary society in which we try to create a prolific and suitable context, to promote a profound and important message with our initiatives. In the current social context which inevitably presents itself as arid and difficult to promote an idea of ​​cooperation and change, developing associations is very difficult. This is a worrying and important signal for the decline of a contemporary cultural system.

We must not forget the importance of our message and above all we must be aware that change requires commitment, dedication, perseverance, strength. We must develop an awareness, that of being part of an important project that must be supported and is such precisely because we can all contribute to this great project.

Trying is the only important card we can play, staying still is simply accepting that everything remains as it is. The latter solution is probably the most depressing. Every change in the world has required effort, commitment, dedication. Proposing a change that can improve the individual and society is undeniably the greatest act of love that has been granted to us, although today at the collective level it is still a little understood action.

In this 2020 my best wish is to insist, to try again, we have immediately an important event such as the World Literary Prize “Golden aster Book”. We must not forget the importance of an event that welcomes and has become a meeting platform for many different cultures from all over the world. In April there will be a first important conference on the “Criticism of the System and the world in which we live” which reveals for the first time in a single summary all the deepest problems of our time and the real trend in which western society is converging. Contemporary.

We still have many things to accomplish and how we use to say in these cases “the beautiful has yet to come” and we just have to make it possible.

I thank all the members who have contributed to the projects supported so far.

I hope that together we can do much more in 2020!

Best wishes to all of you and your families

Alessio Follieri