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The “Golden Aster Book” world literary prize was instituted to help writers and poets both famous and starters from all over the world. The competition is promoted and supported by “Aster academy international”  cultural association. The prize’s sections are dedicated to edited and unedited non fictional works and narrative and unedited poetry. The Golden Aster Book prize final will be held with a gala ceremony inside  a theatre, many important personalities from both the musical and the cinema industry will attend, there will also be music and shows all along the event. Surely this big event and the presence of such personalities will emphasize greatly the importance of the prize. The awarding ceremony  for the 2019 edition of the “Golden Aster Book “ prize will be held in a theatre in Rome, the exact location will be disclosed during the introductive press conference scheduled for May 2019

Closing entries August 30, 2019

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