The ideator Alessio Follieri will lead the international literary event in Civitavecchia (Rome)

It’s the first edition and already the numbers are record-breaking. The “Golden Book” world literary prize, since the opening of the international call, has marked incredible numbers, thousands of contacts from all over the world, significant participation from South America and Spain, with numerous members from every nation, Germany, France, United, United Kingdom, to the distant Republic of Laos, Madagascar, Costa Rica, to name a few. Many countries represented by writers who have ventured into the different sections of the essay and narrative prize (unpublished and edited) and unpublished poetry.

Remarkable the presence of Italian writers who represent the highest percentage of participation in a first edition that opens with great premises. The call will close in March 2018, but the award already marks a record interest with more than a thousand monthly contacts since the opening of the call for proposals last November 2018.

The creator of the event is the writer Alessio Follieri, editorial director of the monthly “Gazzettino Italiano Patagonico” directed with the writer Gaetano Amato who supported him in the conception and development of the project, as well as the International President of Aster Academy International, cultural association international that has created and promoted the award, which will be placed in a unique world-wide literary event involving works written in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

The idea of ​​Alessio Follieri that will be illustrated in detail at the end of the competition is to bring the “Golden Book” in its final show in Civitavecchia in its first edition. Despite the various venues of Aster Academy International, they could host the final evening that develops as an evening show, between music and literature, a gala event that from the first rumors will be structured with guests from the world of cinema, journalism and literature. All concentrated in a great show where the possible location is still under evaluation, for a final evening scheduled for October 2018.

The direction of the Golden Book and Aster Academy International awards reveals that the names of the godfather and godmother of the event will also be revealed at the press conference after the closing of the March announcement.



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