Super Santa forPeace Project

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Based on the characters created by Stefano Labbia. 

A volume of illustrations made by one hundred artists from all over the globe, joined for one purpose: the desire to help the mexican populations affected by the September 2017 earthquake.

Aster Academy is pleased to announce a collaboration with the young author Stefano Labbia, creator of the Super Santa universe, a positive hero in difficult times.

And it is in very difficult times that the idea of creating an all illustrations volume is born with several techniques used by the artists involved and coming from all over the world.

The volume, one hundred pages, will be distributed on the Amazon’s digital platform in both paper and ebook versions for a year. The entire proceeds will be spent for purchasing essential goods for the populations affected by the Mexico earthquake and for transported them, by Aster Academy.

Aster Academy International Association is a non-profit international cultural association. They diffuse the culture in all its forms and expressions. From literature to cinema, from theater to music, dance and art even scientific research, constitute for the association the fulcre for stimulate, making most fertile and important ground for any civil society. They promote initiatives, events, meetings, debates.



Aster Academy

Via Della Libertà, 4/c
00058 Santa Marinella (RM)






Super Santa / Kremisi characters:

Altman vs Lobotox e Knock

Super Madness

Tiger Crazy

Blue Man

Warp e i Flosh





Super Santa & Titania vs Il Dormiente


Met Dan






Maicro (MO)

Bee e Dust


Lazlo vs The Widow e Rubik

Quickly e Phoenix

Wireless vs Martin Face

Golden vs May Hutchinson


Golgotha vs Dead



Free pose illustration of the characters listed in pairs or singles. In bold the villain.
Techniques you can use on white background for the illustration:


  • ink and colored china;
  • charcoal
  • watercolor
  • digital art
  • collage

The files to be delivered, after signing the agreement, is a pdf in HD and a high resolution jpeg of the same image.

The dimensions of the file are 3508 x 2480 pixels because the book will have an A3 size.
The email address you are about to deliver is

You can proceed by sending the material through the free wetransfer service.

Delivery terms are stated in the contract – approximately one month after signing.
The selection of the works received will be carried out by Aster Academy and by the author and creator of the illustrated characters Stefano Labbia.




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